My Calendar Pro ships with support for multilingual event listings. If you’re offering events in more than one language, you can mark the language for each event. This is primarily about screen reader accessibility; when an event is marked as being in an alternate language, the output HTML will be wrapped in a container with the lang attribute set to the chosen language, so screen readers will pronounce the change in language correctly.

This feature is automatically turned on if your site has more than one language installed.

Additional language packs may not be installed if you’re not supporting a fully-translated multilingual site or don’t have any site users using alternate languages for the admin. If so, you can install any WordPress language pack by going to WordPress > Settings > General and changing the Site Language to the desired language. Once the language is installed, you can switch back to your preferred language, but the additional language will remain available.

WordPress Site Language selector, showing English active and Spanish installed.
Selecting a site language.

Once all desired languages are installed, you have the option to choose the site language for your events.

Language selector, showing available languages to choose for an event.
Select an event listing language