The reverse of “Blog new events”, this feature allows you to generate a calendar event while creating other post types.

Enable event creation from posts by checking “Post events from posts”

Event from Posts Settings

Choose post types & event status

Support post types: All public post types are available; check the post types where you’d like to be able to create new events.

Events are drafts: Check ‘Events from Posts are always created as drafts.’ to default all new events as drafts.

Creating Events in Posts

My Calendar Pro adds a meta box with a slightly reduced version of the My Calendar “Add Event” form on enabled post types.

My Calendar Pro event meta box in the block editor

The events metabox includes most of the same fields available in the My Calendar user interface.

Featured Images: My Calendar events created here will use the featured image set on the post.

Copy events: You can’t create multiple copies of an event from a post; only single or recurring events.

The form is used only for creating new events; once the event is created, it should be edited in the My Calendar event manager. Events are only created if the event title field is not empty.

Meta box showing the event created.

After posting an event, the metabox will link to the event page associated with the new post.