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Advanced Search

The search form shows all the configured options from the Advanced Search settings screen. The Type of location search will toggle between different input types (select or free text) depending on the type of information being searched. The default output is simple, but customizable. After searching, you will be shown the results of your search […]

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Public Event Management

Logged-in users can be given access to view and edit events that they submitted to your site. The front-end event manager uses the same default sorting as the admin event manager. It can be access using the shortcode. Logged-in users can filter events by location or category, can view their events from the lists, or […]

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My Calendar Pro includes six shortcodes: Advanced Search API Sources Submit Payment Geolocate Submit Event Submitted Events Advanced Search Outputs the advanced search form. Attributes: date – ‘false’ to exclude date parameters from search. author – ‘false’ to exclude author parameters from search. host – ‘false’ to exclude author parameters from search. category – ‘false’ […]

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