The event search available in My Calendar is a simple text search, with no filtering or bonus search tools. My Calendar Pro adds options for a richer search that makes it easier to narrow down what a user is looking for.

Advanced Search Settings

The advanced search has a dedicated Page on your site that will be added when you save the search settings.

In advanced search, you can enable searching by:

Dates: Set a start and end date to search within a range.

Author/Host: Search only for events by a specific event publisher.

Category: Limit search to events in a given category.

Location: Limit search to events matching specific location characteristics.

Location searches can search by the location name, city, state, country, postal code, or region.

“Region” is not a formal location structure; this is a field in My Calendar locations that you can use to separate groups of locations by a more generalized grouping. For example, this field could be used for neighborhoods, service areas, or any other abstract grouping.

Search Results Template

Search results are displayed in a list format by default, but the structure of the resulting information in that list can be customized using the same model the rest of My Calendar’s templating uses.